MS-Test Pro Webinar – August 2021

Watch our August 2021 webinar introducing the latest updates to our award winning MS-TestPro HDBaseT Tester

New USB-C / USB3.0 Compatible Extender from MSolutions!

Perfect for long distance distribution of USB 3.0 conference cameras and KVM peripherals

The NEW MSolutions MS-6U41A is a high performance USB extender allowing for a single USB-C, and 4 x USB3.0 compatible devices to be extended to distances of up to 100m over a single CAT cable infrastructure. Perfect for the latest conference cameras and KVM peripherals this extender also features a bi-directional analogue audio pass-through channel allowing for 2ch audio to be sent between the transmitter and receivers. Additional features including RS-232 serial pass-through and bi-directional 12V PoC (Power over Cable) ensure the MS-6U41A can be installed and managed in the most challenging installation environments.

Key features

  • Uncompressed extension of USB data and analogue audio up to 100m over single CAT
  • Flexible integration of both USB-C and USB3.0 peripheral devices
  • 4x USB2.0 channels with USB3.0 compatibility for KVM connectivity of multiple USB devices across the link – max 320Mbps data rate pass-through (combined)
  • Flexible USB extension for: USB3.0 cameras, touch screens, smart boards, hard drives, games controllers, USB audio devices, printers, scanners and HID’s (mouse or keyboard)
  • Supports transparent USB2.0 signals and true plug-and-play (no software or drivers required)
  • Built-in analogue unbalanced audio extender allowing 2ch stereo audio to be sent between TX and RX, or RX and TX
  • Bi-directional RS-232 serial pass through
  • Bi-directional 12V PoC (Power over Cable)

MSolutions to Unveil AV over IP Test Capabilities at ISE 2020

AV test innovator to also demonstrate HDMI Cable Tester in Europe for the first time, with an eye toward support higher bandwidth and resolutions

ATLANTA, January 9, 2020 — MSolutions, a leading supplier of test devices for commercial and residential AV environments, will unveil several built-in and modular features to its MS-TestPro portable test device at ISE 2020. MSolutions will exhibit at the HDBaseT Alliance stand (5-T80) in the Amsterdam RAI from February 11-14.
MSolutions has been active in HDBaseT development since the standard was introduced in 2010, and the MS-Test Pro device was introduced in 2017 to simplify the adoption and installation of HDBaseT media networks. The company has continued to add new features and modules that enable installers to test for other AV requirements using the same device, including HDMI cables.

At ISE 2020, MSolutions will introduce and demonstrate new AV over IP testing capabilities that address emerging signal and infrastructure test needs in AV environments. MSolutions will also demonstrate its specialized HDMI Cable Tester module, which allows integrators to efficiently perform bandwidth and physical layer quality tests, to ISE audiences for the first time.

“We continue to develop new innovations that address emerging needs for AV integrators, building on a proven solution that merges cost-efficiency with an all-inclusive feature set,” said Eliran Toren, CEO, MSolutions. “Our new IP-capable test features give installers the insight they need today to verify signal integrity and network health in AV over IP systems without having to purchase a separate device, while allowing them to test for HDBaseT and HDMI requirements from the same portable platform.

AV over IP

The MS-TestPro is the first device of its kind to integrate AV over IP test capabilities into an HDBaseT device, eliminating the need for an expensive standalone IP tester. The software-driven capabilities, available to existing users via a simple software update, are activated upon connecting the device to a network switch.
Once connected, the software provides immediate, detailed feedback on network switch information and settings, and a general overview of IP network conditions and connections. The information received allows integrators to quickly confirm if the network settings fit the AV over IP requirements. This includes identifying network configuration faults, the status of network ports (open or blocked), and whether pertinent multicast settings are correctly enabled.

HDMI Testing

MSolutions introduced its HDMI Cable Tester module last year to provide customers with a comprehensive physical layer quality test solution. The HDMI Cable Tester drills down to each cable’s conductors and shielding and provides instant feedback on missing or defective wiring.
The module easily attaches to both ends of an HDMI cable, and delivers detailed information on HDMI bandwidth requirements, the presence of HDMI-standard conductors, and compatibility tests for signals up to 4K@60Hz 4:4:4 in the HDMI 2.0 specification. MSolutions is in the process of developing a special pattern generator for next-generation HDBaseT systems and HDMI specifications.
“Our HDMI module enables installers to easily evaluate cabling compatibility with the HDMI 2.0 standard, including all applicable bandwidths and resolutions,” said Toren. “As we move into the next-generation of standards and specifications, we will ensure that our customers are armed with the right toolsets to avoid problems, streamline installations, and eliminate return trips without any significant added expense or complexity.” 

About MSolutions

Since 2016, MSolutions has developed state-of-the-art HDBaseT test, multimedia and switching solutions for leading enterprises and integrators in the Pro AV and government markets. The company designs and manufactures advanced, high-quality systems that make media networks based on HDBaseT easier to install, more stable, and more enjoyable for end users. The MSolutions team leverages extensive experience and expertise, having been directly involved in HDBaseT development, support and sales since the standard was introduced in 2010. For more information, visit and follow MSolutions on Twitter @m4sols.

Midwich announces exclusive distribution of MSolutions in the UK & Ireland

Midwich, a specialist audio visual (“AV”) distributor to the trade market with operations across the UK and Ireland, Continental Europe and Asia-Pacific, is pleased to announce an exclusive distribution partnership with MSolutions, a leading supplier of mobile, handheld test devices for commercial and residential AV environments.

Midwich will exclusively offer MSolutions products, including its award-winning MS-TestPro 104BH portable HDBaseT device with HDMI cable tester module and optional DC Resistance module for in-depth analysis of the cables, to its broad network of installers and integrators across UK and Ireland.

The partnership comes at a time of significant expansion for MSolutions, as the company strengthens its presence and brand visibility throughout the EMEA region.

The MSolutions team has been active in HDBaseT development since the standard was introduced in 2010, and the company has emerged as an innovator of problem-solving products that simplify the adoption and installation of HDBaseT media networks. HDBaseT is the global standard for the transmission of ultra-high-definition video & audio, Ethernet, controls, USB and up to 100W of power over a single, long-distance cable.

MSolutions’ test devices are used by installers and integrators today in North America, EMEA and APAC.

Claire Coogan, Divisional Manager at Midwich, commented:

“We are excited to add this unique product offering from MSolutions to our technical product portfolio. Built by a team of industry experts, the revolutionary HDBaseT tester undoubtedly adds incredible value to UK integrators and AV installers working with HDBaseT, to provide guaranteed reliable performance and quality. The ability for us to take this to our partner base to provide infield testing, monitoring and troubleshooting in a portable handheld device, really provides an indispensable tool for AV professionals.”

Philip Bass, UK Country Manager commented:

“The UK is one of the most important regions in our global growth strategy, so it was crucial that we chose a professional and respected partner in Midwich to support our regional efforts.

Our fully featured, affordable and best-in-class HDBaseT tester simplifies how installers and integrators verify HDMI cable and signal integrity, troubleshoot HDBaseT network performance issues, solve problems throughout the AV infrastructure, and certify their work with speed and efficiency. Midwich can now offer its customers a thorough and affordable test solution alongside its broader vendor and product portfolio that is quickly becoming an essential part of the AV installer’s toolkit.”

For product enquiries, please contact Midwich’s Divisional Manager, Claire Coogan by emailing [email protected].

Media enquiries: For more information, please contact Ben Thompson on 01379 647 546 or email [email protected].


Note to editors

About Midwich

The Midwich Group is a specialist AV distributor to the trade market, with operations in the UK and Ireland, Continental Europe and Asia-Pacific. The Group’s long-standing relationships with over 400 vendors, including blue-chip organisations, support a comprehensive product portfolio across major audio visual categories such as large format displays, projectors, digital signage and professional audio. The Group operates as the sole or largest in-country distributor for a number of its vendors in their respective product sets. Initially a UK only distributor, the Group now has over 900 employees across the UK and Ireland, Continental Europe and Asia-Pacific. A core component of the Group’s growth strategy is further expansion of its international operations and footprint into strategically targeted jurisdictions.

About MSolutions

The concept for the first MSolutions products for HDBaseT networks was conceived in 2016. Since then, they have developed state of the art multimedia and switching solutions for leading companies and integrators in the ProAV and across markets including public sector. The MSolutions team has been directly involved in HDBaseT development, support and sales since the standard was introduced in 2010. Our R&D team develops advanced, high quality systems that make media networks based on HDBaseT easier to install and more stable and enjoyable for end users.

AV Systems Integrator CX2 Problem-Solves HDBaseT Connectivity with MSolutions

Game-changing portable test devices reduce installation times and streamline troubleshooting
 processes, while virtually eliminating return trips

ATLANTA, October 23, 2019 —MSolutions, a leading supplier of test devices for commercial and residential AV environments, has changed the way that systems integrators like CX2 verify signal integrity and troubleshoot connectivity issues in HDBaseT and HDMI environments. Now armed with four of MSolutions’ portable MS-TestPro MS104B HDBaseT test devices, installers at CX2 report time- and cost-saving benefits that address today’s most pertinent connectivity challenges, and all but eliminate return visits.

Based in Houston, Texas, CX2 specializes in AV design and integration for commercial AV environments, with a particularly strong customer based in the education, corporate and hospitality verticals. A recent installation at a college outside of Houston represents exactly how MS-TestPro MS104B devices have simplified and enhanced the way that CX2 installers solve connectivity problems in the field.

“We installed a new AV system in a campus restaurant with multiple Cat7 cables of varying lengths, many of which spanned more than 100 feet,” said DJ Virassamy, AV Technical Customer Support Specialist for CX2. “These are very thick, shielded cables that connect to a wall kit. The MS-TestPro MS104B devices allow us to certify the cables and very quickly complete continuity tests across multiple wires. We achieve our desired results in minutes, versus what once could take hours.”
Virassamy explains that previous-generation devices often left an air of mystery. While his previous devices would confirm connectivity, they were unable to detect whether there was appropriate bandwidth to carry 4K content, for example. The MS-TestPro eliminates that problem but immediately confirming how many packets are sent and received across the cable length.

“I immediately know if it’s simply a faulty connection that wasn’t properly terminated, or a more significant problem such as the cable not being equipped to carry the video or audio content,” he said. “If I am testing 4K signals and connectivity, I can clock the MS-TestPro to 4K settings on the remote side and the receive side, and monitor the levels as signals are being passed. This changes the game for installers in the field who not only have limited information at the time of installation, but then need to make return trips to troubleshoot common problems like video drops and noisy audio.”
The portable HDBaseT test devices offer other benefits behind verifying the performance and quality of HDBaseT uplinks and downlinks. Virassamy points to enhanced reporting options, including report generation of specific parameters required to certify link quality and status. CX2 installers often transfer those reports, also readable from the built-in GUI, to personal laptops and mobile devices. Those reports are transferrable via USB or WiFi, providing CX2 with options for each location.

Virassamy adds that the devices offer a quick return on investment with upgradability to support emerging formats in many cases. He also plans to purchase MSolutions’ new HDMI Cable test modules introduced earlier this year.
“Our end customers continue to accelerate migration from legacy VGA connectivity, and toward HDMI and category network cabling,” he said. “We want to ensure that we are armed with the right toolsets to quickly solve problems and streamline our installations as more end user adopt 4K and HDR content to move over these systems.” 

About MSolutions

Since 2016, MSolutions has developed state-of-the-art HDBaseT test, multimedia and switching solutions for leading enterprises and integrators in the Pro AV and government markets. The company designs and manufactures advanced, high-quality systems that make media networks based on HDBaseT easier to install, more stable, and more enjoyable for end users. The MSolutions team leverages extensive experience and expertise, having been directly involved in HDBaseT development, support and sales since the standard was introduced in 2010. For more information, visit and follow MSolutions on Twitter @m4sols.

Follow These Steps for HDBaseT and HDMI Testing

Installers today are managing an increasingly complex web of signals, cables, sources and destinations, all of which require thorough testing to verify the quality and integrity of signals moving through the AV infrastructure. In an HDBaseT system, testing the entire cabling and wiring infrastructure is paramount to ensuring high-quality transmission with signal drops and loss of information.

The HDBaseT architecture today virtually always has an HDMI interface from the transmitting source device, such as Blu-ray player or Apple TV. These HDMI signals are transmitted over HDBaseT to a receiving device that reconstructs the HDMI signal before transmitting it to the sink device, typically a projector or display. The interface on the HDBaseT chipset is pure HDMI, meaning that seamless interoperability between the two is essential for any transmission.

Know Your System

Installers tend to put heavy focus on the HDBaseT element, ensuring that the bandwidth and stability exists to carry a high-resolution 4K signal over the extending medium. This is indeed important. However, this focus tends to overshadow assurance that the HDMI cables can support the same.

Testing the cable itself will identify both common and advanced issues. For example, one increasingly common problem is the reduction of shielded wire from within the cable. HDMI cables have 19 standard conductors for video, audio, Ethernet and data moving over twisted pairs of wiring inside the cable. Testing for the presence of shielded wires inside the cable will help to identify the supported HDMI spec, and is very important in the testing phase.

That is especially important given the transition to HDMI 2.0, was overwhelmingly driven by the urge for more bandwidth to support higher resolution signals. Many cables on the market today are still limited to 1080p and 4K 4:2:0. On very short transmissions, the viewer will still receive and see a 4K image, but this will fail on longer runs. A quick 20-to-30 second test will help determine the capabilities to carry HDMI 2.0/1.4/1.2 signals.

Test Early and Often

Integrators are in the best position when able to test the infrastructure at the point of wiring the project. A large majority of projects still rely on test systems that can only be brought in at the final installation stages. The disadvantage is clear: The wiring is complete, and if there are missing signals or a low quality connector terminations, it means pulling out all the cable and starting over hoping for the best.

Today’s more diverse, portable test devices will help installers verify signal presence and integrity up front via a variety of key parameters, including:

  • The maximum overhead presence to enable carriage of high-resolution signals over HDBaseT (300 Mbps)
  • Activation of links to transmit through the cable, even without a source or sink to receive the signal
  • The quality of transmission on the uplink (much higher bandwidth) and also the downlink
  • Improper terminations or crimps that cause faults through the twisted pair wires

These and other problems can be identified and fixed on the spot, without the need to bring in a 4K display or projectors to confirm and evaluate the link. Upon confirming the integrity of all important performance parameters at the wiring stage, the end components can be installed with confidence that the signals and quality will hold.

These concepts just scratch the surface, as there are many other parameters to test and certify throughout the HDBaseT system. Testing these systems at the earliest possible stage will reduce installation time, re-wiring, labor and other headaches that can also increase labor costs along the way.