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We won the Best of Show Awards 2018, Installation Winner!

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Showcasing our tester in ISE2018


Commercial Integrator

How MS-TesterPro HDBaseT Tester Makes Trinity video More Efficient


The 2018 Top New Technology (TNT) Awards recognize new and outstanding products and services in the commercial and residential A/V industry.


Trinity reports 30% H2/2017 savings using MS-TestPro


Commercial Integrator

How Media Solutions MS-TestPro HDBaseT Tester Saves Trinity Video Communications Time and Money


AV Magazine

Handy tester cuts recall costs for AV Provider of Excellence


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Julie Jacobson’s Ultimate CEDIA 2017 Preview 

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Getting the most out of every AV installation


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CE Pro Names 2017 BEST Award Winners at CEDIA

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winner of the Tools, Testing and Calibration Award


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Media Solutions Demos Its MS-TestPro HDBaseT Tester

CEProSeptember, 2017
Media Solutions MS-TestPro HDBaseT System Tester{“page”:104,”issue_id”:432745}
rave August 14, 2017
Why Haven’t You Purchased an MS-TestPro for Your Installers?
rave July 13, 2017
Media Solution’s MS-TestPro can support installers and integrators in testing HDBaseT infrastructure readiness to 4K content.


July 13, 2017
Tester evaluates HDBase-T infrastructure for 4K capability


CEProJuly 10, 2017
MS Systems Tester Verifies HDBaseT Connectivity, 4K Signals


June 19, 2017
Nuove funzionalità dell’MS-TestPro Media Solutions per la massima affidabilità d’installazione HDBaseT


June 12, 2017
Media Solutions, la nuova funzionalità dell’MS-TestPro per una maggiore affidabilità dell’installazione


June 22, 2017
Media Solution’s Booth at InfoComm 2017


June 21, 2017
Handheld test solution for HDBase-T cabling and systems


June 15, 2017
MS-TestPro is the ultimate handheld HDBaseT tester for installers | AVTV On Demand


rave June 15, 2017
InfoComm 2017: Gary Kayye Talks to Media Solutions About Its HDBaseT Testing Tool for Integrators.


 June 7, 2017
Media Solutions MS-TestPro HDBaseT Certification Report Helps Installers Ensure Reliability


raveJune 6, 2017
The MS-TestPro Is the HDBaseT Test Tool Every Integrator Needs


raveJune 1, 2017
Media Solutions Has the Perfect Test Tool Every AV Integrator Needs


CEProFebruary 9, 2017
Media Solutions Tester is Ready for HDBaseT over IP


  February 1, 2017
Installazioni di sistemi HDBaseT senza problemi con il nuovo M4sol HDBaseT tester


raveFebruary 2, 2017
Media Solutions announces availability of the new MS-TestPro HDBaseT analyzer


CEProFebruary 1, 2017
Media Solutions Showcases MS-TestPro Handheld HDBaseT Tester


CEPro  September 6, 2016
11 Product Surprises at CEDIA 1016


CEPro  September 6, 2016
The CEDIA 2016 Ultimate Show Preview with Julie Jacobson, Founding Editor of CEPro (Time: 58:51)


rave  September 20, 2016
CEDIA 2016: MSolutions Demos MS-TestPro HDBaseT Tester


Display Daily  September 7, 2016
MS-TestPro, the First HDBaseT Touchscreen Tester, Reaches the Market


inavate September 7, 2016
MS-TestPro launches HDBaseT touchscreen test device


installation September 7, 2016
Media Solutions launches first touchscreen HDBaseT tester


hidden  September 7, 2016
HDBaseT Touchscreen Tester MS-TestPro Now Available


rave   September 6, 2016
Media Solutions Intros MS-TestPro Touchscreen Test Device for HDBaseT Networks


integration  September
M-Solutions presenta il primo tester touch-screen per la diagnostica HDBaseT