New USB-C / USB3.0 Compatible Extender from MSolutions!

Perfect for long distance distribution of USB 3.0 conference cameras and KVM peripherals

The NEW MSolutions MS-6U41A is a high performance USB extender allowing for a single USB-C, and 4 x USB3.0 compatible devices to be extended to distances of up to 100m over a single CAT cable infrastructure. Perfect for the latest conference cameras and KVM peripherals this extender also features a bi-directional analogue audio pass-through channel allowing for 2ch audio to be sent between the transmitter and receivers. Additional features including RS-232 serial pass-through and bi-directional 12V PoC (Power over Cable) ensure the MS-6U41A can be installed and managed in the most challenging installation environments.

Key features

  • Uncompressed extension of USB data and analogue audio up to 100m over single CAT
  • Flexible integration of both USB-C and USB3.0 peripheral devices
  • 4x USB2.0 channels with USB3.0 compatibility for KVM connectivity of multiple USB devices across the link – max 320Mbps data rate pass-through (combined)
  • Flexible USB extension for: USB3.0 cameras, touch screens, smart boards, hard drives, games controllers, USB audio devices, printers, scanners and HID’s (mouse or keyboard)
  • Supports transparent USB2.0 signals and true plug-and-play (no software or drivers required)
  • Built-in analogue unbalanced audio extender allowing 2ch stereo audio to be sent between TX and RX, or RX and TX
  • Bi-directional RS-232 serial pass through
  • Bi-directional 12V PoC (Power over Cable)
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