Cascade Array Microphone

Key Features

  • Digital microphone array, clear long distance pickup 
    High signal-to-noise ratio ring microphone array design enables long distance pickup, allowing the speaker to move around the room freely in a wider range,free from constraints.

  • Blind beamforming, automatically aimed at the speaker 
    With blind beamforming technology, accurate positioning and adaptive sound field environment, it can achieve voice enhancement and better anti-interference ability.

  • Intelligent audio algorithm, clear and natural sound quality
    Built-in powerful audio processing unit, ultra-low signal processing latency; adaptive fast convergence algorithm, intelligent voice tracking, intelligent noise reduction, echo cancellation, automatic gain, de-reverberation, duplex communication without suppression, you can still listen easily in a noisy environment. 

  • POE cascade to evenly cover the conference room.
    Flexible setting of master-slave devices, multiple cascades through POE network cables, distributed pickup and interaction, evenly covering medium and large conference room spaces.

  • Standard interface, plug and play. Equipped with standard USB2.0 and Aux audio interfaces, plug and play, can meet the dual-mode application of digital and analog audio.

  • Flexible installation of ceiling/suspended to ceiling/wall installation, simple and flexible deployment 
    Support desktop, ceiling and other installation methods, flexible and quick deployment, reduce operation and maintenance costs.



General Parameters

  • Microphone type: Omnidirectional microphone
  • Microphone array: Built-in 6 high SNR microphones form a ring array, 360° omnidirectional pickup
  • Sensitivity: -38 dBFS
  • SNR: 65 dB(A)
  • Frequency response: 50Hz – 16kHz 
  • Sampling rate: 32K sampling, HD broadband audio
  • Pickup distance: 3 meters pickup
  • Echo cancellation: Support
  • Noise suppression: Support
  • Gain control: Support

Cascade Function

  • Cascade mode: POE network cable
  • Number of cascades: 6

Hardware Interface

  • Network port:  RJ45 network port
  • USB interface: USB audio interface (Type-C), UAC1.0 protocol, audio data communication, software upgrade and parameter configuration
  • Analog Audio: AUX1, AUX2 linear audio input and output

General Specifications

  • POE cascade 48V power supply, support IEEE 802.3 at standard / USB 5V 500mA (single unit)
  • Support system: Windows / Mac / Linux
  • Installation: Desktop, ceiling
  • Size: Φ170 mm * H 40 mm
    Weight: 370 g
  • Certification: CE, FCC, ROHS


Digital audio processor  that allows cascading of several MS-MC6 microphones

Key Features

  • Cascades up to six MS-MC6 microphones to achieve even coverage over larger conference rooms.
  • Adopts specially designed chips, embedded architecture, professional digital audio processing, precise volume control, high efficiency and low delay.

  • Integrate new generation digital audio technologies such as automatic noise suppression (ANS), automatic gain control (AGC), automatic echo cancellation (AEC), automatic equalization, intelligent microphone mixing, anti-reverberation.

  • Supports up to 6 cascade microphone input and 4-channel line input. Support extended wireless microphone, 4-channel line output, USB audio input and output.

  • Supports standard POE to power digital microphone, RJ45, USB and line audio interface connection. Plug and play, simple wiring, long-distance transmission and strong anti-interference ability.


Hardware Interfaces

  • Network interface:
    1 x uplink LAN interface
    1 x downlink cascade DMIC interface, cascade up to 6 microphones
  • USB interface:
    1 x Device interface, used as USB audio device to connect USB host (such as PC)
    1 x HOST interface, used as USB host to connect USB device
  • Audio interface:
    4 x INPUT phoenix interface, unbalanced line audio input
    4 x OUTPUT phoenix interface, unbalanced line audio output
  • Power interface: DC 12V

General Specifications

  • Power supply: DC 12V/3A
  • POE: POE 48V power supply, support IEEE802.3 AT
  • Dimensions: 160mm x 88mm x 27mm
  • Weight: 0.4kg