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Maximize the efficiency of your HDBaseT installation saving time and money, while enhancing performance and quality. Achieve consistent Pro AV signal quality and guarantee interoperability in seconds with one simple test. The result – No more call-backs and a significant , increase in your customers’ satisfaction!
Why Test CAT Cable for HDBaseT
HDBaseT Cable Testing for Video Distribution
How to test HDMI Cable using the MS-TestPro

HDBaseT Cable Certification Tutorial

MS-TestPro HDBaseT Tester

Introducing MSolution’s award winning HDBaseT tester, with built-in monitoring, logging and diagnostics capabilities, quick and efficient analysis and troubleshooting tools that both simplify audiovisual installations and enable you to give your customers the quickest and best service possible.

Superfast Analytics in seconds

Handheld device

Mains & Battery Powered 



Completely eliminates the need for call-backs

Generates Link Certification Report

Ensures Consistent Signal, Guarantees Interoperability

Product Description

The MS-TestPro is the only HDBaseT tester that is all-inclusive, 100% reliable, portable and affordable, making it an indispensable tool for all installers and integrators. It provides AV professionals with all the information that they need while in the field to enable them to verify the integrity and stability of every system tested down to the last detail. Moreover, the MS-TestPro generates a report including all the parameters necessary to certify link quality and status up to 4K Ultra High Definition. The report can then be transferred to a computer or even to a smartphone for use by both installer and end-user.
  • Link monitoring of the performance and quality of the HDBaseT link for both up link and down link
  • HDBaseT Firmware remote downloads to any 3rd party devices via HDBaseT link
  • Built in HDMI Pattern Generator
  • Generates reports including all the parameters necessary to certify link quality and status for any cable
  • Belden 2183 cable Profile certification
  • Main unit accommodates removable and exchangeable (Tx & Rx modules)
  • Supports PoE (can work in front of any 3rd party Rx or Tx)
  • Creates 24 hours log files – Generates an installation quality report
  • Browser-based control interface on any external device (Android, iOS, Mac, PC) via Wi-Fi connection
  • Link diagnostics capabilities that allow for quick and accurate configuration analysis and interoperability troubleshooting of all your HDBaseT links
  • Monitoring configuration of local or remote side
  • The MS-TestPro is the ONLY tester in the world capable of testing HDBaseT spec. 2.0! HDBaseT spec. 2.0 modules available now!
  • DC Resistance (Optional module)
  • HDMI Cable Tester (Optional module)

Additional modules for the MS-TestPro

DCR – DC Resistance & Looper Modules

DC Resistance & Looper Modules – measures DC Resistance of CATx cables, to check ability to provide a sufficient level of PoE / PoH (Power over HDBaseT) powering.

HCT – HDMI Cable Test Module

HDMI Cable Test Module – ensures compliance to Standard / High-Speed bandwidth requirements including 48Gbps support

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104 (MS104B)

$ 2495
  • Battery Based
  • WiFi Interface
  • HDMI Pattern Generator

Spec 2.0

$ 745
  • TX and RX Units
  • Spec 2.0 Based

DC Resistance

$ 445
  • Test your cable quality

HDMI Cable

$ 445
  • Test your HDMI Cable

AV over IP

$ 345
  • Update for MS-104

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