• Spec 2.0 Modules – Tx and Rx units, SPEC 2.0 based

    Price: $745.00

    Spec. 2.0 is the most recent and technically advanced profile for HDBaseT systems. Whereas HDBaseT 1.0 addresses only the physical and link layers of HDBaseT switching, Spec. 2.0 adds networking, switching, and control-point capabilities. Among other enhancements, it improves performance margin and optimizes existing infrastructures and bandwidth.

    The new Spec. 2.0 module, now available for use with the MS-TestPro, enables our users to test and certify all the added functions and capabilities of HDBaseT Spec. 2.0 systems with the same unsurpassed level of quality and reliability that the MS-TestPro is known for among HDBaseT 1.0 installers and integrators.

  • MS-TestPro 106 (MS106B)

    Price: $2,900.00

    The MS-TestPro is an all-inclusive, comprehensive HDBaseT™ diagnostics tool that enables any AV integrator to carry out start-to-finish analysis of entire HDBaseT™ systems in the field, providing detailed results and certification documents for clients. HDBaseT™ monitoring, logging, full signal diagnostic functionality, and a built-in HDMI test pattern generator, the MS-TestPro provides vital cable infrastructure testing with unrivalled troubleshooting capabilities for the integrator. For our partners the MS-TestPro becomes an indispensable tool that saves their business significant time and money on any HDBaseT™ installation. 

  • MS-TestPro 104 (MS-104B)

    Price: $2,495.00

    The MS104B is a battery based handheld tool that provides in-field testing of HDBaseT cabling and systems. The MS-TestPro is designed specifically for AV installers, integrators and technicians. A newly added feature enables users of the solution to generate a certification report on the quality of each cable installed, thereby simplifying the installation of HDBaseT networks.
    The MS-TestPro generates a report after a very brief test, indicating the quality of various installation parameters, these include detailed information about link quality, link status of the transmitter and receiver, pixel clock, HDBaseT link chip type, and cable length. In addition, user-friendly graphs summarizing the overall information are generated.

  • MS-0401 HDBaseT Switch

    The MSolutions HDBaseT Switch with 5 HDBaseT ports, offers a complete HDBaseT switching solutions.
    The HDBaseT switch, is designed to reduce the cost and effort of bringing HDBaseT switching applications to the marketplace.


    Download the MSolutions MS-0401 Switch Specifications>   

  • DC Resistance Modules – Test your Cable Quality

    Price: $445.00

    Using the MS-TestPro DC Resistance and Looper modules, you can test the DC resistance of CATx cables, and check their ability to provide a sufficient level of PoH (Power over HDBaseT) powering.
    The DC Resistance module is inserted into the lower slot in the MS-TestPro main unit, while the CATx cable is connected to the DC Resistance module at one end, and to the Looper module at the other end, as depicted in the figure below:

  • AVoIP

    Price: $345.00

    AV over IP Network Capability Test update – MAC/IP addresses with Ping and config, network nodes, SNMP information, IGMP Snooping for VLAN, immediate / fast leave