AV over IP 

AV over IP Network Capability Test Module – MAC/IP addresses with Ping and config, network nodes, SNMP information, IGMP Snooping for VLAN, immediate / fast leave


The MSolutions AV over IP network capability test module further enhances the extensive testing capabilities of the MS-104B MS-TestPro with the added benefit of qualifying a CATx link for the increasingly popular AV over IP method for AV distribution. This optional tester module provides the integrator a snapshot of the AVoIP switch configuration for MAC / IP addresses ping time and current config, present nodes on the network with Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP Information). IGMP snooping capabilities allow for transparency of VLAN set up, and immediate / fast leave settings.

Price: $345.00

Key Features

  • Expansion module for the MS-TestPro 104B
  • Adds capability for specific AV over IP testing on the MS-TestPro
  • Allows integrator to have a snapshot of the networks AVoIP configuration to include:
    – MAC / IP address, ping time and current switch configuration
    – Number of present nodes on the network
    – Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP information)
  • Internet Group Management Protocol (IGMP) Snooping including:
    – VLAN set up within switch
    – Fast / immediate leave settings
  • Pre-populated with specific switch vendor parameters for custom testing & reporting


  • AVoIP update for MS-104B MS-TestPro tester
  • Enabled via license key 
Package Contents
  • 1 x License